About ME

Ceramic Designer | Illustrator | Author | Editor | Writer

My work is about synergy, the creation of a whole that is ultimately greater than the simple sum of its parts. A whole that is brought to life like ebon shadows that dance and deepen in the dusk. Slowly shifting and interweaving in the silvery moonlight, they come together as something whimsical and lovely to bring delight to your heart and that wonderfully special something to your home.  


I have had a deep and abiding love for clay ever since I can remember. It grounds and centers me, a calming and restorative practice if ever there was one.

Depending on how you use it, the ultimate feel of this prehistoric medium is similar to bone, smooth and silken; or shell, chalky and fragile… or stone – rough, strong and eternal.

There is something very primal and inevitable about taking earth and shaping it to your heart’s desire, using fire and water to set your intention. To me, it embodies solace in a sometimes soulless world.



I have always had an affinity with ink, this fine and delicate medium that hails from the ancient world so appeals to my sense of the arcane and sibylline.

Perfectly attuned to the creation of worlds of wonder and mystery, ink, charcoal and graphite can capture the sigh of a butterfly wing as easily as they can an elephant matriarch thundering up a cloud of dust and fury in the African bushveld.

Enhanced with digital brushstrokes (Photoshop, Sketchbook or Procreate, depending on subject matter and mood), my chosen mediums have found a happy balance between time-honed technology and age-old technique. With a little magic thrown in for luck!


Email: mellissabushby@gmail.com

WhatsApp: (+27) 84 319 2101