Artisan Ceramics

The understated elegance of rustic simplicity.

Embodying the pure forms and organic contours of nature, the iKati collection brings balance, harmony and beauty into your home.

From bone to Chantilly lace and charcoal to slate, shades of white and black with the gentle tones of natural oxides, evoke the elements, while the simple lines of porcelain and stoneware serve as a daily reminder to infuse your everyday life with loveliness that is durable and practical.


Bowls for pasta, salad, sauce or nuts. Berry bowls. Soap bowls. Rings, pendants, bracelets and treasures. Teabags and bowls.


Plates for slivers of cake or heavenly marmalade on toast. Platters for dinner party delights or tumbles of vivid, fresh fruit.


Whether they are functional or decorative, beautiful handmade clay pots have been around since the beginning of time.


“And now indeed this substance with its precious humility becomes, through its indestructibility, the most faithful bearer of man’s message. As far back as one goes in time, the works of humanity from prehistoric times have reached us not through stone which crumbles and wears away, or through metal which oxidizes and becomes like powder, but through slabs of pottery, the writing on which is as clear today as it was under the stiletto of the scribe who traced it”. Bernard Leach

From Sea to Sky

Our collections include hues such as sage water, tea dust, tide’s ebb, and a range of shades varying from light to dark, think sea salt to charcoal. Simplicity and creativity combine with natural forms to bring aesthetically pleasing, durable pieces into your home that are designed to be used, and enjoyed, every day.

Black & WHITE

Classic, elegant and imminently pleasing, the many varying shades of black and white have stood the test of time, whether they are combined on a single piece or as a stand-alone design element. They enhance and uplift any room, and nestle happily beside any colour. Pair them with brightly coloured spices and snacks, cherry tomatoes or glistening black and green olives. Or let them take care of your precious things.

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