Welcome to a world where I love nothing more than to immerse myself in the art of pens, pencils & brushes. My work is about uniting ancient and modern mediums in shifting, swirling shadows that shimmer in the moonlight, ethereal portals to another world.

Fragments that are caught up and captured in ink, graphite & charcoal, and enhanced with digital multimedia, come together to create something that will hopefully take your breath away or remind you of the beauty of our world.

If there is one thing that is close to my heart, it’s animals and nature. From majestic trees and pretty wildflowers to the many itsy-bitsy critters and immense, powerful predators of earth, sea and sky, I love them all.

And more than that, I wish I could save them all. Because if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that without them, we are nothing. And if we don’t take better care of our earth, then nothing is all we deserve.

Alchemy of Crows

On so many levels, arcana appeals to me. The strange, the unusual; a world that is touched by magic, mystery and the fey.

Alchemy of Crows is about ethereal comings and goings, fantasy worlds filled with enchantment, and wonderful beasts such as dragons, changelings, selkies and kelpies.

Welcome to my world of wondrous strange… You’ll meet otherworldly beings around every corner. Please try not to scare them, their hearts are easily broken.